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Saturday, January 26, 2013

QMC celebrates one year of Queens Transplant Center

KGMB | Hawaii News Now | Paolo DiGiovanni

Photo: Art Ushijima

The Queen's Medical Center on Friday marked its one-year anniversary of performing liver and kidney transplants.

In a short ceremony, Queen's CEO Art Ushijima and transplant surgeon Alan Cheung celebrated the transplant center's 31 organ transplants in 2012.

Liver transplant recipient Sarah Chee, with her 5-month-old baby in hand, called her surgery "lifesaving."

"I was able to get married, and five and a-half months ago I was able to give birth. It's amazing. It's a miracle," she said.

Although her operation happened before Hawai'i Medical Center East closed its transplant center in 2011, she was worried for other transplant hopefuls, until Queen's stepped in.

Howard Asao was on the kidney transplant list when HMC closed.
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